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August Cadbury Volunteer of the Month – Marissa Grant

As coach, player, coordinator and president of Geraldine Netball Centre, Marissa Grant truly lives Netball.

For the past three years as Centre president, Marissa has volunteered her time and energy to run the netball community of Geraldine in South Canterbury, ensuring a safe and enjoyable space for all those who want to partake in the sport.

Alongside her Presidential duties, Marissa is the coach coordinator for the Year 3&4 programme, organising coaches, players and parents for their weekly sessions as well as manager of a Year 5 team.

“I am lucky to be part of an amazing community of parents and teachers and of course the other Centre administrators that are so supportive and the key to our success as a Centre”.

In addition to her already busy volunteer schedule, Marissa looks to the community to help fill the additional volunteer roles in the Centre.

Leander Patterson, the Geraldine’s Centre Administrator, sees Marissa in action every day and praises her colleague’s dedication to the game.

“Marissa knows a lot of people and is good at getting them to say yes to helping out, even if it is just bringing the oranges for half time! Without Marissa, we wouldn’t be able to run as smoothly and effectively as we do.”

Paula Campbell is one of the Centre Coaches that is supported by Marissa. She believes that without the support of Marissa, she wouldn’t be as confident in her volunteer role.

“I think that one of Marissa’s best qualities is that she shares her confidence with the other volunteer coaches, she puts us all at ease by making sure we have what we need to feel confident in our delivery and is always listening to our ideas to better the system.”

“She helped organise the Mainland Tactix to run a holiday programme at the Centre and the kids were over the moon. It was a great opportunity for the kids to learn from their role models and they had an absolute blast!”

On top of all her duties at the Centre, Marissa also plays for a ‘social’ team, who often attend the Masters tournaments, and won this seasons weekly Wednesday social grade!

Congratulations Marissa on being one of the Cadbury Volunteer of the Month winners from around the country for August and well done to all our other Centre winners.

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