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Celebrating Student Volunteer Week

Fourteen-year-old Hallie has loved netball since the first time she picked up a ball at the age of five.

Her passion for the game has led her to put her hand up for anything related to the game, including being a Student Volunteer Coach.

“The most rewarding part of volunteering as a coach is seeing what the team has picked up from me during the season to use in the game. Seeing them improve and develop is just the best.”

Having successfully coached her 2018 team to secure second place at the Auckland Netball Schools competition, Hallie has been asked to take a step up and coach a group of her peers.

“I got put up a year so I’m coaching people a bit older than me even though we are in the same year at school. It’s a bit harder to talk to girls in my year in a leadership way, but I think it will be a good challenge for me.”

“I’m not going to take it as ‘they are my friends and we want to fun’, but rather ‘I am their coach and I want to improve their skills and make them better players’.”

Practicing weekly, Hallie and her co-coach’s responsibilities include, coming up with the session plan, deciding key drills to improve performance and play by play game strategies.

As a student volunteer coach, there is the added responsibility of school work, which she manages by being an effective organizer.

“I usually write down the days that we have training and work my homework around the week to make sure that I spread out any big projects so I can fulfil my coaching role.”

In addition to her commitment to her Year 11 team, Hallie also volunteers as an umpire, to set up courts for trials and any game day administration.

“I love all aspects netball and so I wanted the chance to get my hands on all the different aspects of the game”.

Netball New Zealand would like to thank Hallie and all the Student Volunteers for their time, commitment and love for the game.

Hallie is the second in from the right