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Fast5 Centre Project

The Sport New Zealand Women and Girls funded Fast5 projects are underway across 12 of our Netball Centres (in 2019, Netball New Zealand was awarded part of the fund to activate the project).

Lead by youth, for youth, this Fast5 project looks to encourage more participation through a reformatted style of play.

Centres start with a Fast5 guideline but then decide how to adapt the delivery and format of the game to create an experience that meets the needs of the community.

Charissa Barham, National Youth Development Manager at Netball New Zealand, is proud to see how well Centres and youth have taken the initiative on.

“It’s been amazing to see young leaders put their hands up. They are talking to their peers, doing the research and then finding ways to adapt and bring to life this Fast5 project within their netball community.”

Both Dunedin Netball Centre and Christchurch Netball Centre have even gone as far as contracting youth to help deliver this in the community.

“Georgia Trent [NNZ Board Intern] in Dunedin and Mikayla Gillespiein Christchurch have been part of the journey from the start. Their passion for youth leading youth has allowed us to bring this Fast5 project to life,” said Barham.

Other Centres like Invercargill, Whangarei, Manawatu, Harbourside, Gisborne, Manurewa, Wellington, and Hamilton are all finding ways to adapt and activate the Fast5 project.

“Giving youth a voice will help guide the design and delivery of netball in the future, with hopes that we will keep them engaged and passionate about the game. I can’t wait to see more of these projects, led by youth for youth.”

118655136_1018025261990831_5533358499327307448_n[2].jpgCaption: Manawatu Netball Centre ran a Fast5 opportunity for their Youth over the last month. All skill levels invited for a mixed competition on a Wednesday night.