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July Cadbury Volunteer of the Month – Marty Holmes

Four years ago after being “thrown in the deep end” by his wife, Marty Holmes is a fully committed Netball father and volunteer.

With three netball fanatic daughters, Marty thought what better way to be involved in his daughters lives than to pick up coaching.

Currently the coach of the Frankton Magic, a Year 5/6 Mother Earth fututreFERNS team at Hamilton City Netball Centre, Marty continuously tries to incorporate new skills and lots of fun in his trainings and game play.

Marty’s coaching beliefs are grounded in his players being ‘good sports’.

In his third year of coaching, he implemented ‘opponent of the day’ where he encouraged players from his team to choose a player from the opposing team who they thought showed fantastic sportsmanship and after the match, his team would recognise that selected player with a little something to say well done.

Marty is 100% committed to his team, even if it means juggling his work/personal schedule so that he can attend every training and game days.

Robyn, Marty’s wife, believes her husband is an amazing coach and was so happy when told he would be recognised as this month’s Cadbury Volunteer of the Month.

“Marty is such positive coach who is great at motivating his team and ensuring that each player is getting something out of every game.”

“Seeing players fall in love with Netball and having a great time is what keeps him coming back each year.”

“Before coaching the girls, Marty had no idea about Netball but turns out he’s pretty good at it. It’s been a great learning opportunity for him and a chance to spend time with his girls.”

Congratulations Marty on being one of the Cadbury Volunteer of the Month winners from around the country for July and well done to all our other Centre winners.

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