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New members to champion youth on NNZ Youth Board

Netball New Zealand has named nine new members for the NNZ Youth Board to help champion netball’s younger followers.

The new NNZ Youth Board (NNZYB) was established in December 2019 to help develop a youth pathway to governance and leadership while bringing the youth voice to the heart of the operations and decisions of Netball in New Zealand.

Ciccone Hakaraia-Turner, Bella Howarth, Isabella Galvan, Arisa Parr-Whalley, Brooklyn Fisher, Hannah Bisset, Dylan Dodd, Hannah Soper, Dipasha Narayan have been selected to join four foundation members on the Board.

Netball New Zealand Chief Executive Jennie Wyllie said the board was developed because they wanted the voices of “our Rangatahi” to be heard in the decision-making process.

“I believe it has never been more important to engage with our youth than now,” she said.

“Our Rangatahi bring a different resilience and flexibility. They are our future, they bring a diversity to our board and along with that, fresh ideas.”

She said the NNZYB wanted to create an environment where youth voices were “championed” and they had seen progress despite the disrupted season due to COVID-19.

Netball New Zealand Youth Board Member Daphne Martinez said she welcomed the new Board members.

“This is an exciting opportunity for our team to build and grow. A pattern that was shared among all of the candidates is the passion for diversity and providing opportunities for members of our youth to participate in all aspects of netball. I’m really looking forward to share with New Zealand our passion and to amplify youth voice,” she said.

Over the previous year, the inaugural group (Daphne Martinez - Central, Georgia Trent - South, Maddison Oliver-Coffey - WBOP, Olivia Lewis - Mainland) have co-designed the terms of reference, purpose, values, application and induction process of the NNZYB.

“Despite COVID-19 presenting challenges, the NNZYB stayed on track and worked towards how they would build their village,” Wyllie said.

“I look forward to what these new members will bring to the table as they advocate for the youth in the sport of netball.”

Netball New Zealand Youth Board new members:

Ciccone Hakaraia-Turner (Waitakere Netball Centre)
Bella Howarth (Netball Wellington)
Isabella Galvan (Christchurch Netball Centre)
Arisa Parr-Whalley (North Harbour)
Brooklyn Fisher (Papakura)
Hannah Bisset (Central Otago)
Dylan Dodd (Christchurch Netball Centre)
Hannah Soper (South Canterbury)
Dipasha Narayan (Gisborne Netball Centre)