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NNZ Volunteer Strategy 2020-2022

An inclusive vision to increase support and value to its large number of volunteers, viewed as intrinsic members of its wider team, is key to Netball New Zealand’s Volunteer Strategy 2020-2022.

Ranked sixth in the world for volunteer participation, volunteering is embedded in New Zealand’s culture, netball being one of many sports relying on the generous and selfless contribution of volunteers to enable 140,000 participants to play the game.

Netball currently has over 12,000 coaches, over 2000 umpires and countless numbers of volunteers in administrative roles within its volunteer ranks. The number of volunteers, and their ability, has a direct impact on the quality of experience while making them an essential link to the growth of netball playing numbers.

``Given there are so many volunteers in New Zealand’s netball landscape, we wanted to develop a strategy that will make volunteering easier,’’ NNZ Volunteer Advocate Hayley Griffith said. ``We want volunteers to feel supported and know they are valued, in turn spreading the volunteering passion throughout our netball communities.’’

Netball is well placed to deliver a volunteer strategy through its existing futureFERNS, Youth, NetballSmart, Officials and Coaching programmes. This strategy will build the tool kit of Zones and Centres to enable their direct stakeholders to recruit and retain volunteers.

The intention of this strategy is to raise the profile and importance of volunteering within the netball community through increased development while acknowledging the vital roles they play.

Sharing the benefits volunteering has on connecting communities and on an individual’s Hauora (health and well-being) is also a key aspect.

With the volunteer at the front of mind, the strategy will be exposed through all NNZ programmes, departments and staff policies while specific tools and resources will increase skills and help make netball volunteering easier.

Netball is an inclusive sport in which there is a volunteer role for everybody and the purpose of this strategy is to lead and develop an environment where a quality experience is had by all. Retaining and acknowledging netball volunteers is paramount while creating an environment where others want to join in.

Cadbury, NNZ’s Official Volunteer Partner, has made the delivery of this strategy possible and will front several initiatives including, `Thank You Packs’, `Cadbury Volunteer of the Month’, and award `Cadbury Volunteer of the Year’ in five categories nationally.

Anyone wanting to become a netball volunteer, can click here to find all the relevant information and the nearest location.

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