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SmartParent: Tips and Tricks to help reduce injury risk and ignite the love of Netball

Want to help your kids enjoy, perform and stay healthy this Netball season? SmartParent has been specifically designed for you with tips and strategies to help grow your child’s love for the sport whilst reducing their injury risk.

Jodi Brown (former Silver Fern and mother of three) is endorsing this resource “As parents we need to understand what helps and what might hinder our kids to be the Netball player they want to be…gosh imagine if it was around in my time coming through the ranks!”


Did you know our 10 -14 year olds have the highest number of injuries in Netball?

SmartParent will provide tools for each of six NetballSmart principles including Smart Preparation, Smart Player Welfare, Smart Warm up, Cool Down and Recovery, Smart Movement, Smart Training, Smart Injury Management.

You will find information in SmartParent on how to decrease injury risk, how to manage physical workload, nutrition, and how puberty effect your child’s movement.

Sandra Edge (former Silver Fern) says “if the player can handle the physical demands they can explore the game”. SmartParent will help to provide understanding on how to help your child be prepared to handle the physical demands of Netball.

Be a SmartParent this season!