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Voice of the Participant (VOP) creating great experiences

In 2018 around 3,000 respondents from 91 Netball Centres and satellites across Netball’s five Zones completed the VOP survey telling us what parents and participants think of their Netball Centre experiences.

The five main areas for Netball to focus on for improvement in participant satisfaction were:

  • Player development
  • Quality of officiating
  • Venues (courts)
  • Facilities
  • Quality of coaching

In response to these needs Netball New Zealand (NNZ) and the five Zones have committed to provide programmes, training and support to Centres to ensure ongoing development and high-quality delivery in the following areas:

  1. Player Development – in response to 2016 results, NNZ developed the Year 7&8 Player development programme. This programme was delivered in 27 Centres in 2018 with 92% parent, 89% children satisfaction across players and parents. 42 Centres have committed to deliver this programme in 2019. As part of the Youth Strategy consultation a Year 9&10 Player Development programme will be developed in 2019 for delivery in 2020.
  2. Quality of Officiating – in response to the 2016 VOP NNZ undertook a review of Community Umpiring and have developed the Community Umpiring Strategy 2018 – 2020.
  3. Quality of Coaching – ongoing implementation of the Community Coach Development strategy has seen a 4% increase in satisfaction by participants. This is a tribute to the ongoing commitment and support of Zones and Netball Centres to provide high quality support systems and development opportunities across coaching.

NNZ would also like to acknowledge the commitment of Centres to support and deliver these programmes to our participants across the Netball system.

Centres who are already implementing the programmes above can still implement initiatives to help increase satisfaction.

  • Allowing participants to fulfil potential
  • Adding value to their experience
  • Be friendly and welcoming but also well-mannered and professional