Netball is an integral part of New Zealand’s dynamic sporting culture. Steeped in history, it was introduced to New Zealand as ‘women’s basketball’ in 1906 – a nine-a-side game played on grass, with baskets tied to posts at either end of the court.



Rev J C Jamieson arrives in Auckland and starts up Basketball teams from his Bible classes. The first games of basketball were played on a paddock and the teams were nine-a-side. The rules allowed three bounces, and throws from one end of the field to the other. Baskets were used for goals and after each goal, the ball had to be tipped out to restart play.


With the support of school teachers, the game grew steadily, although different sets of rules were played in different Netball Centres.


The first official representative match was staged in Wellington and featured Wellington and Canterbury. Wellington won 24-10.


Establishment of the New Zealand Basketball Association including election of officers, venue of annual meetings, colours of national team (black with Silver Fern), voting power and affiliation fees


The first New Zealand tournament was played in April, in Dunedin with teams representing Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, North Otago and Southland. Auckland won the New Zealand Cup with Wellington second.


Hawke's Bay and Ashburton become affiliated to the New Zealand Basketball Association (NZBA).


Annual Council meeting agrees that fees are payable according to the number of teams per association. Taranaki and Poverty Bay become affiliated.


The National Tournament is played in Christchurch on grass courts. It's decided that Presidents of affiliated Associations become vice-presidents of the NZBA.